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Dent & Ding Protection


Paintless Dent Repair is an industry recognized process that involves the removal of dings and minor dents from your vehicle’s exterior steel or aluminum body panels without disturbing the paint finish.

Dents and dings are almost impossible to avoid and can be costly to repair. The Paintless Dent Repair Service Contract helps keep your vehicle looking like new without any additional cost to you. It covers the cost to repair minor dents and dings to steel or aluminum body panels up to 4 inches in length or diameter. Coverage starts day one and can be used throughout the Service Contract term for repairs of covered dents and dings. There are no restrictions based on mileage.



Covers the cost to repair dents and dings up to 4 inches in diameter or length.


  • New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Certified Preowned Vehicles

  • Transferable, Cancellable

Additional Information

  • Claims: 201-777-1000 or visit

  • Term: 12 Months to 84 Months

  • Deductible: N/A

  • Maximum Limit: Set by Coverage.

  • Tie-back: 50 Miles

  • Exclusions: See contract for full list of exclusions

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