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Key Loss


Coverage for the repair or replacement in the event your key or remote becomes inoperable or is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Key fobs and remotes now offer a host of convenient and beneficial features. Unfortunately, this often means repair and replacement can be expensive and time consuming. In some cases, the cost to replace a key or remote can be as high as $800. With the Key Protection Service Contract, there’s no need to worry about the unnecessary financial hardship or inconvenience of replacing a lost or damaged key. We will pay for a replacement key or remote up to the coverage limits set forth in the Service Contract.



Coverage for the repair or replacement of a key due to mechanical failure, electrical failure, a defect in workmanship, damage, loss, theft, or normal wear and tear.


  • New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Certified Preowned Vehicles

  • Transferable, Cancellable

Additional Information

  • Claims: 201-777-1000 or visit

  • Term: 12 Months to 84 Months

  • Deductible: N/A

  • Maximum Limit: Set by Coverage.

  • Tie-back: 50 Miles

  • Exclusions: See contract for full list of exclusions

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