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Rethinking Key Loss Service Contracts

Despite the fact today’s keys can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, selling key loss service contracts to your customers can prove difficult. With our smart keychains connected to a patented loss-retrieval system, we provide your customers with a tangible benefit which they can relate to and which translates into higher penetration rates. These keychains are also dealer-branded and connect to a dealer-branded loss retrieval website, thereby providing the best key protection on the market while allowing your dealership to stay top of mind.


How It Works

Keyfetch directly connects owners and finders of lost keys, key fobs or remotes in the quickest, safest, and most efficient way possible. We achieve up to an 85% recovery rate thanks to our unique online retrieval system designed to protect users’ personal details at all times.

What the Coverage Includes

Keyfetch Auto Protect is backed by a Service Contract that  covers the cost to replace a lost key or remote up to $800. Emergency towing up to fifty (50) miles and lock-out services are also included for ultimate consumer protection.

See it in action

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