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Petfetch - Pet Tags

Let’s Not Forget Our Furry Friends!

The Big Bundle doesn’t stop at protecting your customers’ vehicles and phones, it also protects their pets. Included with every Big Bundle, your customers will receive two adorable Petfetch Smart Pet Tags which allow owners of missing pets to be reunited via a loss retrieval system. With a retail value of $40, the Petfetch tags are just another unique add-on that makes the Big Bundle unlike any other F&I product on the market.


Pre-engraved Unique ID

Each Petfetch tag includes lifetime access to the pet loss retrieval service. Each tag features a unique pre-engraved ID ensuring lost pets can be connected with their owners at a click.


Build a Pet Profile

Each Petfetch tag allows you to add a digital pet profile such as your pet picture, address, contact numbers and any medical information which may be important to your pet’s wellbeing in the event he/she was lost.

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