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ROKSOLID Liquid Ceramic Wipe For Windshield

Never Crack Your Windshield Again!


Chipping or cracking a windshield while driving is not only expensive to repair but it can also endanger the lives of the passengers. To assist in the sale of Windshield Protection, the Big Bundle includes a best-in-class liquid ceramic coating product designed to make sure your customers almost never damage their windshield! This tangible benefit provided at no extra cost to your customers has a $50 retail value.

How It Works

Our ROKSOLID windshield wipe includes a ceramic coating formula which contains a unique coupling agent that chemically bonds with the glass surface of the windscreen. The fusing process creates a hydrophobic and protective coating by capping the natural glass pores and its surface ridges. By utilizing the latest in nanotechnology, the quality and strength of the glass is improved, together with increased visual clarity and repelling of the elements.

Additional Features

  • Easy removal of road grime and bugs

  • Protects against acid rain and water spots

  • Protects against scratches and glass corrosion

  • Deflecting more road debris

  • Improves visual clarity of automotive glass

  • Repels water, ice and snow



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